Founders & Heritage of Lantis Enterprises

Will Lantis, the founder of Lantis Enterprises, was a modern day pioneer - veteran, rancher, politician, family man, and businessman. Through his experiences as a chemical and maintenance supply salesman for senior living organizations, Will came to believe that the elderly were not receiving quality care. He believed they deserved to be treated with respect, dignity and kindness, and that one way to do that was by providing them a home away from home.

In 1972, Will and Mary Ellen Lantis purchased their first long-term care facility in Bridgeport, Nebraska founding Lantis Enterprises, a tax paying entity. After that, they started purchasing troubled facilities throughout Nebraska, and eventually throughout the Midwest. Will and Mary Ellen completely rebuilt their structures, management, residential care, and reputations from the ground up.

After 25 years of living in Kearney, Nebraska, Will and Mary Ellen's love for South Dakota’s Black Hills prompted them to move the corporate headquarters to Spearfish. The office opened with 3 employees, all based out of the basement of the Lantis’ cabin. Through years of hard work and dedication, our growth has outpaced our space, as we marked our 10th Year Anniversary in Spearfish by doubling our office space on Colorado Boulevard

Lantis Enterprises Corporate Office houses the support services for 21 long term care centers, 6 Alzheimer's Units, 14 personal care/assisted living centers, and 5 home health agencies. We provide research, development and management expertise through our accounting, finance, operations, human resources, home health, medical nursing, marketing, and rehabilitation departments. Our local office employs over 40 full-time professionals with almost 2000 staff members in the field.

Family has always been important to Will & Mary Ellen. The employees are an extension of their family, as are the residents and the communities in which they live. Will & Mary Ellen committed themselves to creating a place of healing and professional growth in a high-tech sophisticated health care network.

In August 2006 Will Lantis was taken from us suddenly in a one-car automobile accident. Mary Ellen and the rest of the "Lantis family" will continue the legacy in the spirit of our beginnings. Mrs. Lantis, who previously had focused mainly on maintaining the “at-home” feel of the facilities, has since assumed the primary leadership role.

As a tribute to Will, our co-founder, we will continue to service our community with a new theme "Western Hospitality with a Smile".


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